Thank you for visiting my site.  It is my goal as a healthcare practitioner to improve lives.  I want you to have the ability to live your life fully, free from pain and limitations.   Too often, we look at pain as an inevitable part of life when we reach a certain age, or because we sustained a lot of sports injuries through the years, or for various other reasons.  And so we accept it and just live with it.  But it does not necessarily have to be that way.

My quest for knowledge and understanding of how the body really works, on both a physical and deeper, energetic level, has lead me to study a revolutionary technique known as Matrix Repatterning.   Matrix Repatterning is a gentle, yet powerful technique that is changing lives every day by releasing blockages built up over a lifetime in the body’s densest structures, namely the bones and fluid-filled spaces.  I feel very fortunate to be one of the few Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioners in the world who provides such a life-changing therapy and it is my hope that I can share my expertise with as many people as possible.

Find out more about Dr. Larkin and Matrix Repatterning by listening to her interview with Tori Valspirit on A Pure Component radio program below:

Dr. Larkin speaking with Tori Valspirit of A Pure Component radio program, November 2019

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