About Dr. Larkin


Dr. Clare Larkin has been a healthcare practitioner for over 20 years.  Over the last 12+ years, Dr. Larkin’s studies have focused on the body’s energy and its role in health and healing.  This interest, combined with her background as a chiropractic physician lead to her instant connection with Matrix Repatterning therapy.  

“”I felt frustration that people with deeper injuries, like concussions, were not experiencing great results with conventional therapies. After learning about the life-changing results people were having with Matrix Repatterning therapy, I decided to become a Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner so I could get to the root cause of my patients’ problems and enable their bodies to heal on a much deeper level.”

In addition to practicing Matrix Repatterning, Dr. Larkin is also an instructor for the Matrix Institute in Ontario, Canada, helping guide other practitioners who are eager to learn this life-changing technique.