About Matrix Repatterning

Matrix Repatterning Therapy is a revolutionary method of healing that was developed by Dr. George Roth, D.C., N.D., C.M.R.P. of Toronto, Canada over the last 30+ years. Matrix Repatterning is based on the premise that, when you get injured (say a fall, break, concussion, repetitive strain, sports injury…) the dense structures of the body absorb the energy of that impact. This changes the bone in that area. It also causes a stagnation of the body’s normal electrical flow through that area. We call these areas of bioelectric alteration “restrictions”. Restrictions are usually located in the deeper, denser structures of the body, such as the bone.

Due to the interconnectedness of the body’s tissues, a restriction can affect the entire body. This shows up as a myriad of symptoms: pain, bone enlargement, stiffness, tenderness and limited movement.  Matrix Repatterning Therapy is a gentle, hands-on technique whereby these restrictions are located and then released, allowing for normal functioning of the tissue again. By normalizing the underlying structure, the more superficial symptoms that have been plaguing you, go away.

Dr. George Roth discusses how injuries affect our bodies:

Conditions Treated with Matrix Repatterning:

Concussion/post-concussion syndrome

Headaches/Head pressure

Foot pain & dysfunction

Facial pain & sinus issues

TMJ & Dental issues

Chronic pain

Fractures & non-union defects

Spinal problems/pain

Parkinson’s disease symptoms

Sports injuries

Joint pain


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


How Do I Know If Matrix Repatterning is For Me?

Matrix Repatterning has proven effective for symptoms ranging from acute to chronic. Even when you don’t remember an injury, your body does. If you have symptoms that are not getting better with other forms of therapy, there is an underlying restriction that has not been detected and released.  In the case of a new or acute injury, Matrix Repatterning is recommended for returning the physical and electrical properties back to their normal state as soon as possible to avoid ongoing symptoms.