About treatment

Matrix Repatterning is a form of manual therapy, which is applied to the deeper parts of the body, such as the bones and fascia.  During a treatment session, areas of injury and strain are precisely located based on an alteration in the mechanical and electrical properties within these tissues. Treatment involves the application of gentle pressure in order to release tissue tension, which can decrease pain, restore muscle tone, flexibility, joint mobility and optimize function.

Length of a Treatment Session:

The first visit lasts from one and a half to two hours. Most subsequent sessions last for one hour. Occasionally patients request a longer or shorter session. Patients travelling from out of the area typically schedule longer sessions to maximize treatment time and limit their travel.

Duration of Care:

This revolutionary form of hands-on bodywork gently relieves the tension that has accumulated in your body’s framework in a series of gentle, hands-on treatments. The majority of cases require somewhere between 6 and 12 one-hour sessions. A younger person with a less complex history will often need fewer visits. Matrix Repatterning does not require a lifetime of maintenance care.

What to Wear to a Matrix Repatterning Session:

You will have to change positions at times on the treatment table. Be be sure to wear comfortable clothing. Jeans, belts, skirts and dresses make assessment and treatment difficult. We advise that you wear looser, stretchy material, such as sweats, gym shorts and leggings.  It is important to note that metal objects and smart devices can interfere with the body’s own electrical charge. We advise not wearing jewelry, underwire bras and smart devices to treatment sessions for the best possible outcome.