A Natural Solution for Post-Surgical Pain

For many people, chronic pain is a way of life.  Some of the most common types of pain include headaches, lower back pain, arthritis pain and post-surgical pain. According to the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) chronic post-surgical pain is defined as pain of at least 3-6 months duration that develops or increases after a surgical procedure and negatively impacts a person’s quality of life. This pain causes decreased mobility, functional limitations, depression, pain-related distress, poorer general health and social isolation. 

One of the risk factors of any surgery is chronic pain.  Estimates show that around 10% of all surgeries leave the patient suffering with chronic pain.  Depending on the type of surgery, this percentage can increase or decrease.  Most people are better off after having the surgery, but post-orthopedic surgery studies show that approximately 10% of hip recipients and 20% of knee recipients suffer with chronic pain after their surgery.  Over 700,000 total knee replacements and 400,000 total hip replacements are performed in the United States every year.  When you do the math, approximately 140,000 and 40,000 of those patients respectively, will be left with some form of chronic pain.

Treatment methods for chronic pain sufferers often include prescription pain relievers, physical therapy, alternative therapies and further surgical interventions, all in the hopes that something will work. Often after months or years of “trying everything”, a patient is left to suffer and try to figure out a solution on their own.  Or worse, to just live with their pain.  And that is no way to live.

Matrix Repatterning therapy has proven effective in the treatment of post-surgical pain.  Reintroducing normalizing electrical flow into damaged tissue is crucial in the healing process.  Ongoing pain is quite a burden that many people bear. It is physically and emotionally exhausting.  The good news is, Matrix Repatterning offers hope to those suffering.  I have seen the weight of this burden lifted off of people after having received Matrix Repatterning.  It is wonderful for me to see.  I can only imagine how wonderful it feels to them!

Dr. Clare Larkin, DC, CMRP is one of only 9 Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioners in the United States.  She maintains a practice in New Jersey, where she treats people suffering from many unresolved injuries and symptoms.  For more information, go to www.DrClareLarkin.com and www.MatrixRepatterning.com.  Dr. Larkin can be reached at 908-930-0628 and drlarkin@optonline.net.

Which High School Sports Have the Highest Concussion Rates?

A report published this week by CNN sheds some new light on rates of concussion in high school sports in the United States.  There are some promising take-aways, such as, the rate of recurrent concussions has decreased since 2013-2014. This is most likely due to various forms of legislation passed in all 50 states in 2015 which require adherence to  “return to play” guidelines.  Other recent studies have shown that many adults still have a limited understanding of concussions, so I am sharing this article here for educational purposes.   (see link below)


A couple of things to keep in mind:   This particular study was focused on high school sports, but it did not study all high school sports.  That does not mean that other sports do not cause concussions.  Also, concussions do not only come from sports.  People of any age can suffer with a concussion and the post-concussive symptoms can last for years.  A “little” concussion is still a concussion and should be professionally assessed and treated.

The current protocol for treating concussions is pretty much to just wait it out. With intermittent doctor visits, of course, but not much else.  If any one has ever gone through this “watchful waiting” period, you know how difficult it can be.  Headaches, nausea, darkness, no screens, hoping….It not only affects the patient, but the whole family.  That is why Matrix Repatterning is revolutionary.  Matrix Repatterning is a gentle hands-on therapy that has proven successful in relieving post-concussive symptoms.  Read through my other posts to learn more about how Matrix Repatterning can help if you or someone you know has been injured and  is suffering.