“Before Matrix Repatterning I struggled with not being able to unlock areas of my body that had been holding onto previous insults and injuries. During the sessions I could feel the gentle but effective release of areas of imbalance and tension. Some places on my body were tender but I welcomed the soothing contact of Dr. Larkin’s touch. I can now feel my body coming into a greater sense of balanced well-being.” ~ A.C., dancer/instructor

“I had been curious about Matrix Repatterning ever since the beginning of my journey to heal my hip/sacral pain after giving birth to my first baby. Over the span of four years I’ve seen various chiropractors of different techniques, acupuncturist, and massage therapists. They all have helped in their own way but I still had this dull, lingering pain that kept coming back. It wasn’t excruciating, but the problem was persisting making it a bit frustrating and I started to accept that I may just need therapies forever. Then I saw Dr. Larkin’s Matrix Repatterning ad and I thought “Finally! Someone in NJ”. I kept an open mind to experience MR but I also had in the back of my mind that it may just be like the other therapies. During my first session we discuss significant or impactful injuries (e.g., slipping on ice, snowboarding, giving birth, fainting and hitting my head) but what surprised me was when Dr.Larkin did the initial scan of my body she immediately noticed something going on with my foot. It wasn’t something I mentioned earlier because it was a recent and mild-nagging pain–but the fact that she was able to pick up problem areas without my mentioning gave me confidence in her and the MR technique. Another experience from my first session was Dr. Larkin was able to eliminate a discomfort/inflexibility I was experiencing for a while in my left leg/hip– where taking a small pointed-toe step back and arching my back a little gave me this painful-stretch feeling. Dr. Larkin fixed it during my initial session. I thought “…let me give it 3 days…” but it stuck. I don’t feel that pain and discomfort anymore. So this is why I continue my healing journey with Dr. Larkin, because I feel immediate and lasting effects. After each session I feel I’ve stretched out and exercised the areas worked on. Another aspect I want to highlight is that my headaches (especially right before a storm) have drastically reduced and almost eliminated due to MR. My headaches started happening much more frequently after I fainted and hit my head. When Dr. Larkin works on my head it feels like a gentle wave/pulsing and it is very soothing. And again, the work done ‘sticks’. After each session I get better and stay better. I would definitely recommend Dr. Larkin and Matrix Repatterning if you are seeking for a solution to end any lingering/nagging pain in your body, and/or chronic headaches.”, ~ J.L. 

“I can not say enough wonderful things about Dr. Clare Larkin and her matrix repatterning technique!  I have suffered from chronic headaches for many years and have visited Dr. Larkin twice so far.  Dr. Larkin is very knowledgeable about this technique.  She explains thoroughly what she is doing and how it affects the body.  She puts her patients at ease, and the process is very relaxing.   Since my visits to her, my headaches have been greatly reduced in both frequency and severity.   I highly recommend matrix repatterning and Dr. Larkin and look forward to my next visit!”, M.S., middle school teacher

“After years of trying just about everything, I was becoming resigned to the limitations of constant pain and barely perceptible improvement in function. In fact it seemed the more I tried to help myself, the worse I would make things. In yoga I was always stretching into a limitation, myofascial release would always snap back into constriction, steroid injections couldn’t reduce the inflammation. Matrix repatterning immediately made sense to me, it explained why I couldn’t progress no matter how much I tried. Dr. Larkin’s sessions have eased lifelong patterns of shallow breathing, jaw clenching, throbbing muscles, and taut fascia. As an old pattern eases it reveals an underlying pattern that can be addressed. I have complete confidence that when finished with the treatments, I will move in the world in a way that allows me to progress to wellness.”, – C.D.

“In late August of last year I was struggling with serious pain in my heel. I had tried various remedies, but nothing helped. I was becoming stressed as I had a big hiking trip coming up in September and didn’t think I could make it due to the pain.  I had been listening to Dr. Clare talk about her studies in Ontario and was very interested in her practices, so when she offered for me to try it out I jumped at the opportunity. It was painless and calming. Within 2 sessions I felt better and within 4 sessions the pain was gone! I could not recommend Dr. Clare enough!”,  – L.L.

“I am an active, almost 60-year-old woman with a history of chronic pain. Due to a congenital slight limb difference with my legs, I experience hip and back pain that has increasingly worsened over the years. After ten treatments with Dr. Larkin, my pain has decreased from a constant 2-3 on the pain scale to more frequent pain-free days. I have also been able to cut back on my pain relief medication. I play tennis and work out 3-4 times a week—before this treatment, it would usually take me a day or two to recover from any physical activity. I now find that I can exercise harder without paying the price the next day. Dr. Larkin is compassionate, and really good at listening to my feedback and focusing on any specific problems I am experiencing that week. She has a comprehensive knowledge of body mechanics, and can clearly explain what she is doing and why.  For anyone experiencing chronic pain that has not been managed by other traditional treatments, I would, without hesitation, recommend a consultation with Dr. Larkin.”,  – T.J.

“Thank you for making it possible for me to go plein air painting and to garden again! The Matrix Repatterning therapy has greatly lowered my pain level and increased my energy level. I have therefore been able to be more active and happier. Working with you has been a joy!” – B.Z., artist

“Before seeing Dr. Larkin, I was getting tightness in my legs and lower and upper back from playing soccer.  Stretching didn’t really help. I was also getting reflux whenever I ran hard in workouts. Plus, I was really tired after my workouts, even though I am pretty fit.  Dr. Larkin worked on a lot of different areas of the body and now I feel a lot more flexible and I don’t have the reflux anymore.  It is so much more comfortable to workout now!” ~ M.K., High school athlete